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Motherhood, Birth and Babies

The Birth Experience - Complete birth photography services, including home, hospital, and birth center photography and fresh baby (2 days old or less) portrait sessions.

There's something you should know about me before you hire me to photograph your birth. I'm pretty much going to be silently cheering you on throughout your whole birth experience. I can't help it. I just think the entire event is so amazing. That mothers are amazing.

And then after your birth? We will definitely be keeping in touch. I'll hand-deliver your products in-person so we have a chance to talk about how things are going (and how you feel about how everything went). And maybe you'll let me hold your little babe? No pressure! 

Birth is just too intimate an event not to have a tiny (forever) bond with each person who is present during your experience. But honestly, that's my favorite part of this job; sharing motherhood with other women... talking through the tough stuff and cherishing the beautiful pieces of the journey... together.


Celebrating Baby - Complete baby photography services, including maternity, newborn, monthly and/or milestone portrait sessions up to your baby’s first birthday.


As a mother myself, I know this special time is full of its own ups and downs. My goal as a photographer is to gift you with the moments that pulled you through - the milestones, the laughs, the toothless grins - so that in five, ten, twenty years, you will look back at this season with assured fondness.

I believe each baby's smile, laugh and discoveries are sprinkles of joy gifted to parents to help pull them through the long days and sleepless nights.

Newborn Sessions- These sessions last about 3 hours on average and are designed to capture all the tiny details of your sweet new baby. My ideal age is 6 days old. I supply all clothing and props and work with you to design the perfect art you desire!


Watch me Grow Sessions- Monthly photos taken of your little one so that you can monitor their growth!  Use the same props and styles or change it monthly to incorporate the seasons, the style is up to you! Only $22 a month and it includes 2 - 5x7's of one pose. Start any time from 1 - 12 months old, then join the Next Steps program which is 13 -24 months! 

These moments are some of the best in life. Why not capture them for forever keeping?

I would treasure the opportunity to help capture these moments for you to keep forever. Each stage of life brings about new expressions, experiences and personality for our kids. Let me help you remember the “too-cute-for-words” smile your child is wearing today for life.

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