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WMG - Oaklyn 1 month
WMG - Oaklyn 2 months
WMG - Oaklyn 3 months
WMG - Oaklyn 4 months
WMG - Oaklyn 5 months
Milk Bath Session - Oaklyn 6 months
Milk Bath Session - Oaklyn 6 months
Milk Bath Session - Oaklyn 6 months
Milk Bath Session - Oaklyn 6 months
WMG - Oaklyn 7 months
WMG - Oaklyn 8 months
WMG - Oaklyn 9 months
WMG - Oaklyn 10 months
WMG - Oaklyn 11 months
Cake Smash Session - Oaklyn 12 months
Cake Smash Session - Oaklyn 12 months
Cake Smash Session - Oaklyn 12 months

Pictured - Oaklyn's First Year (Watch Me Grow, Milk Bath and Cake Smash)

Watch Me Grow and Next Steps Programs

Watch me Grow and Next Steps Sessions- The Watch Me Grow program (1-12 months) and Next Steps program (13-24 months) are my way to give back to the community. At only $22 each month, it is easily affordable by all! To enroll in the program, you must contact me and prepay for your first spot and submit the enrollment fee of $50. When you come into the studio for your photograph, you select from one of my designer outfits and my props, we photograph your child then you select the pose you would like! It is that easy! 

Additional poses are only $22 for 2 5x7's. Photos are not mailed, you pick them up the next time you come in and, while in studio, you pay for and schedule your next month! The Watch Me Grow program includes one complimentary reschedule or missed session without penalty. Each reschedule after that is only $22! This is such a wonderful program, and you will cherish each photo! You can start the program at any time, but it is a monthly commitment until they are one (should you cancel before the year, you will be charged for the remainder of the year. Your participation in the program is acceptance to all terms)!


Next Steps is my program from 13-24 months and has the same terms as the Watch Me Grow program. The littles are just a bit older and really love to come in, visit and, "Say cheese!" They also enjoy the trip to the Treasure Box once their photos are over! 

Things to remember:

  • I book back-to-back (about 16 sessions daily) so it is imperative that you arrive on time. If you are late, I will attempt to work you into the schedule without disrupting the next client's session time. If I cannot, I will get you rescheduled. 

  • No need to worry about outfits, I have an extensive collection of handmade, one-of-a-kind designer outfits and hair accessories to select from. I urge you to use mine as they match by backdrops, but should you decide to use your own designer outfit, it must fit my artistic style. I reserve the right to say no to any outfit or accessory which does not fit my style (crochet, stretchy waffle style headbands or some bows that are too extra for my style are not permitted).

  • You may purchase additional photos every month but is not necessary. Each pose is only $22 for 2 5x7's. Other sizes are available and are standard pricing. See my pricing page for details.

  • Watermarked digitals are posted online for sharing, downloading and saving, however you cannot remove my watermark or add filters to any photo. No copyright release is given. A $400 copyright fine is strictly enforced. 

These moments are some of the best in life. Why not capture them for forever keeping?

I would treasure the opportunity to help capture these moments for you to keep forever. Each stage of life brings about new expressions, experiences and personality for our kids. Let me help you remember the “too-cute-for-words” smile your child is wearing today... for life.

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