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What is birth photography?

Birth photography is the art of capturing your entire birth experience. From labor and delivery to your baby’s first kisses, snuggles and meeting family members... imagine those all encompassed in a photojournalistic and unobtrusive manner.


How much does birth photography cost?

Birth photography is $1000 + tax for the session. The session is not limited to an hourly fee. Births can take an hour and some over 24 hours. Due to the unpredictability of birth, we book in advance and I do my very best to be right there with you when your bundle arrives!


How long will you stay at the birth?

I arrive at your birth once active labor has started (about 5-6cm dilated) and stay until the baby is all clean and settled into your arms, usually a few hours after delivery.


Will we meet up before the birth?

Absolutely. It is vital that we meet and you are comfortable with my presence during your birth. If we find that our personalities are not a good match, I am happy to recommend other local photographers. 


What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

I ask that I am given as much notice as possible of impending labor (showing any signs at all) so that I can begin making arrangements, but I understand births happen at all hours of the day or night. You can call or text me at any time and I will be there as soon as possible, even if it is at 2am!


I like the idea of birth photography, but I am concerned about keeping my body private.

I understand. If this is a big concern of yours, of course I am happy to respect your comfort level (which is of upmost importance during labor). We can talk in person about this and your limitations. I will be as honest as possible about whether or not I will feel your limits may restrict the outcome of your birth session. 


What (in detail) do you photograph?

Emotions. Moments. The story. We will discuss in person what you are comfortable with me photographing. Don't worry, I won't get that shot if you don't want me to. This is something we'll nail down before you go into labor!


What about scheduled C-sections?

There is a lot of activity surrounding a C-section that creates a story worth being told through photographs! I will come with you to the hospital and can catch all of the going on's as you prepare to enter the OR. If I am unable to join you in the OR, I will send my camera in with your partner (I will put the camera on auto). Once you are in recovery and reunited with your baby, I will continue to capture your birth story as you enjoy your first moments holding and snuggling with your new baby. I will process and deliver all of the images (even those taken by your partner).


What if I give birth prematurely?

I will do my absolute best to be at your labor despite not being on-call. If I am able to come, I will of course be sensitive to the situation at hand and capture as much as I possibly can. If I were to miss your birth, it is possible to use your birth photography investment as a credit towards a newborn session, or any other type of portrait session.


What if you can't make it to the birth?

If I were to miss your birth during the time in which I am on-call (within 2 weeks of your EDD), you can use your birth photography investment as a credit towards any other type of baby or family session I offer.


Do you offer maternity, newborn and family portraiture?

I do! Please take a look at my website to see the other photography services I offer!


When I go into labor, when should I call you?

Please call or text me as soon as something begins to happen. This gives me a good heads up to prepare. Once you are in active labor, have your partner keep in touch with me and I will come right over as soon as I can.


How do you handle it if I decide I don't want you in the labor room with us for a period of time?

I will step out of the room but will remain in the waiting room until the baby has been born. After you are settled, I will ask if I can come back in to photograph you and the baby together. There will be no refunds or photo credits if I am asked to leave. 


I don't want naked photos of myself on the Internet! You won't do that, will you?

Birth is beautiful and intimate, but there are plenty of images I can use on the internet to display the beauty of birth without showing nudity of any kind. That said, there may be a time after the birth when I ask if I can lay a blanket over you or the baby to help to keep the images conservative, but this is a very rare occurrence. If you decide you do not want any of your images shared publicly, I will absolutely respect your wishes for privacy.


When are you on-call?

Call me on your way to the hospital then again once it is determined you are in labor. That way, I have a heads up that it might be happening!


How long do you stay after the baby is born?

Typically, it's about 2 hours or so before you are all settled with the baby. I can leave at this time, or I can stay for a mini portrait (Fresh48) session and grab a few images of you together, cozy and resting. It is up to you.


How soon do I get my pictures?

You will receive a few of the best images of your baby within 24 hours of the birth to use as a digital birth announcement. The rest will be delivered digitally approximately 48 hours after the baby's birth and printed art will take 7-10 days. Rush printed announcements can be ready within 36 hours. 


What will you do if something is wrong with my baby?

I will assess the situation and make a decision at the moment. Most likely I will stick around for some time either until the situation has passed or until someone is able to update me. Then, I can use my experience to judge what my next step should be.


Do you use a flash? What equipment do you use?

I use all professional-grade equipment from the Nikon line. I do have an external flash and I bring it with me to births, but I rarely use it. I love to capture the true atmosphere of births to help tell an accurate picture story of your experience.


What if I decide Birth Photography is not for me? Would you recommend an in-home or hospital newborn session, instead?

Birth photography is not for everyone and I understand that! However, I would absolutely recommend booking some sort of baby photo session to capture these fleeting moments. A hospital session the day after your baby is born is a great substitute for birth photography. I do get asked from time to time to help potential clients choose between a hospital or newborn session. Both session types have their own benefits, but if I had to choose, I would pick a hospital session, hands down. Those are memories that can never be recaptured and you cannot book a hospital session on a whim after you deliver. A newborn session can always be scheduled after you are released from the hospital. However, capturing the short season of your hospital stay and those first hours (literally) of your baby's life is a priceless investment you won't regret choosing.

Birth Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

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