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Complimentary NICU Sessions

NICU Love - Complimentary NICU Sessions

Complimentary NICU Sessions are available for qualifying babies in Joplin, MO and Springfield, MO.


My friend is a grandparent whose beautiful granddaughter spent several months in the NICU. This lead me to the realization that professional portraits will be pushed off of the priority list for many babies born and in the NICU and many parents miss out on documenting this oh-so-precious time.


The complimentary sessions are meant for families of preemies who are born before 36 weeks and will be spending time in the NICU. These sweet babies would otherwise miss out on “newborn” portraits. I understand that parents are concerned about medical bills adding up and putting money aside to pay for a photographer is not even on their radar when that have so many other concerns. I also photograph babies who are spending more than 3 weeks in the NICU for unforeseen circumstances and will discuss qualification on a case-by-case basis. 


This concept is inspired by my love of photography and babies. This is a non-profit, not affiliated with any charity and is not an extension of any hospital. This is my independent work and all imagery and content is photographed and copyrighted by myself.


It is important for parents to understand that I do have guidelines and qualifications for a complimentary NICU session. These complimentary sessions are for babies who will be in NICU for a considerable amount of time. If your baby has spent or will be spending just a short time in the NICU, please consider investing your time and portraits with me so that I may continue donating my time to further bless NICU families.


Guidelines and Information about NICU Sessions

  1. The free sessions are for families with babies born before 36 weeks, or babies that have been or will be in the NICU for longer than 3 weeks. The sessions are not just for preemies, but for babies who may have a long road in the NICU due to health problems.

  2. I need to coordinate the sessions with the parents themselves. I will come to the hospital as a guest of the family and am not affiliated with the hospital so it is important that the parents are the ones who coordinate with me to schedule a time to come.

  3. I generally need a week’s notice to work these sessions into my schedule and will work them in on my days off. Requests for sessions within a day or two of discharge will be asked to consider booking a newborn session in my studio, which will not be complimentary. This enables me to help pay my bills so I can continue offering complimentary NICU sessions to families.

  4. I do not bring anything into the NICU with me other than my camera. The sessions are taken as ‘lifestyle’ sessions which means, life as it is… cuddling, feeding, tubes, monitors, all of it. Parents are welcome to provide a blanket, hat, or outfit but that is not required.

  5. Most of the time, I do not handle babies. I may move a hand or a foot while they are being held but moving them is left up to a parent or nurse.

  6. I do not use flash photography. Flashes may damage a premature infant’s eyes and will absolutely overstimulate them.

  7. Sessions last 30 minutes or less; multiples may take longer. It will take less than 1 week to get your images to you. I will provide you with all edited images of the usable photos in digital format, watermarked so that you can share them. If you or your family would like to purchase them from me, you may but no copyright release is given.

  8. Parents must sign a full release allowing me to photograph their child and themselves. Your session may be used on my site to share the work I do for NICU families, however the only information I share is the baby’s first name and details such as how early or late they were. Parents may be tagged on Facebook if we are connected and you approve.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have delivered a baby very early. You will treasure those images that are captured within the first few weeks so much – wires, tubes and all! These photographs will tell your child’s story!


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